Sunday, May 02, 2010

ekspo pertanian kelantan 2010

today, i went to the ekspo with my mum, sister, n cousin. we participated in the batik colouring contest. although we did not win, we felt happy because could join the competition. other than that, there was vase colouring contest too (pertandingan mewarna seramik). actually, it was opened to the children below 12, but we took part to experience it. it has been a while since i dont take part in such contests. When I was young, I used to take part but also didn't win. hehehe. i admit that i'm not creative. it's good to be honest, rite.

while i was colouring the batik, there was also a talk about entrepreneurship that were took part by the Entrepreneur Club members from a few schools. after that, there was a quiz contest too regarding agriculture and got a great response from the pupils.

after that, the result was announced for both contests. as expected, I didn't win. hehehe..there was second round in the evening. but we already decided to go back.

Terima Kasih Sudi Membaca ! Singgahlah lagi !


Alya Khadijah said...

hehe, kaloh sokmo dih!!!

Alya Khadijah said...

hehe, kaloh sokmo dih!!!

dela taufique said...

a'a xdok bakat etek kito...kui3


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