Thursday, April 29, 2010

do not spoil their hopes

today, I feel like talking about this- all parents' hopes for their children who are going to further study. after spm, some of them got the offer from matriculation colleges, some of them got ipta offers, and there were some of them who chose to take stpm. whatever choices they made,their parents always pray the best for them. so, do not spoil their hopes of seeing you become successful in the future,get good job, earn a lot of money, and so on. no parents would want to see you fail in your life.

Many juniors in my ex-school, Sek.Men.Keb.(A) Tangok, Bachok got matriculation college offers. some of them chose to join the education team by applying for the KPLSPM. and for those who is waiting for UPU offer, the result will come out this early of May 2010. please visit this website for more info.

good luck all!

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Terima Kasih Sudi Membaca ! Singgahlah lagi !


Anonymous said...

betul2... jangan spoil kn harapan mereka..

dela taufique said...

harapan mereka tinggi buat kite..ingat ye adik2


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